It takes a special kind of confidence to pick up and move to a new city, state or region of the country.  And regardless of whether you're an individual moving for a new job or a thriving business seeking to relocate staff, having a proven professional in your corner can simplify the process while keeping expenses under control.  At Roc NY Homes, we're known throughout Rochester and NY for making corporate and business relocation services as streamlined, affordable and problem-free as possible.

As one of the area's premier real estate relocation offices, Roc NY Homes puts just as much effort and dedication into relocating as we do for those buying or selling a home.

  • Complementary relocation checklists to ensure a smooth, error-free move
  • A broad network of properties, including houses, condos and apartments
  • We can assist in locations across Rochester, across NY or even the greater US
  • Offering a diverse selection of corporate relocation services for WNY corporations
  • Comprehensive destination resources to help you familiarize with your new community

Why More Professionals Trust Roc NY Home When Relocating

Our entire team understands that relocating to a new area comes with a long list of important considerations.  For answers to these or any other concern you may have on our relocation assistance services, contact Roc NY homes to learn more or schedule a time to meet with one of our experts.

Get started today by calling 585-286-8888.  You can speak to our Rochester realtors right now, request additional information or learn more about our homes, corporate properties and other programs.

For more information on how we can help, or to schedule a time to meet with one of our experienced Rochester realtors, call Roc NY Homes today at 585-286-8888 or write to us through our secure contact page.

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